As a User Interface Designer

User Interface Design is its compliment, the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of a product. I am also responsible for creating a cohesive style guide and ensuring that a consistent design language is applied across the product.

As a User Experience Designer

I’ve always been genuinely fascinated by people’s stories. This, along with my passion for smart, bold design, are the reasons why I love what I do—creating unique, compelling brands with meaningful experiences.

Restaurant App

Mobile Food Ordering App

El Buen Gusto is a really busy restaurant, and the app gives customers a really easy way to order, pay, and pick up their food so they can beat the line and beat that lunch rush. For online food ordering to be a success it is important that restaurants create a strong mobile presence. This presence has the scope and power to reach out to a larger audience that would increase awareness about your restaurants among the larger audience base.

Halyard Health

Patient Engagement Platform for Physicians and Administrators

ON-Q* TRAC helps engage patients, enhance connectivity and improve collaboration between patients and physicians. Patients are enrolled in the platform before surgery and are invited to provide information at various time intervals – from pre-operative through 90-days post-surgery.

Travel App

The United app puts valuable travel information in the palm of your hand

United Airline is proud to offer the all-new United app, with an Android-friendly design that is optimized for smartphone and compatible with tablets. Offering feature from flight booking to flight status and more.

PLAN - Colleting Infomation About the Problem

We need to be a kind of detective in the early stage of a project and find out as much as we can about people, problem, project.

We seldom perform user interviews, but writing user stories is one of the commonly accepted attachments to the product requirement document. Our user stories are sometimes created based on personas, which are hardly ever backed up with data. Field studies and task analysis are hardly used by any of the designers we interviewed.

Research - Getting Ready to Design

Material gathered in the first step of the process and find a design worth refining. This stage is not about documenting; it’s about artistic creative explosion. I use Adaptive Path’s multi-page templates to quickly create very generic sketches.

DESIGN - Creating Wireframes and Interaction Prototypes

Wireframes is to let everyone gives their idea, exploring options and once everyone agrees on one, I start further design without any changes or confusion.

Move the designs to prototype tools and see if it really works. At this point I can bring the prototype to the real users, do some test and see how they react, fix and create a new prototype, bring to user again.

IMPLEMENT - Delivery to developers

Create a UI style guide, a good way to keep consistency of designs.

I discuss with developer, on the wireframe, see the technical issues that may appear, solve together as a team.


Review Designs with Customers


Review Designs with Customers


Review Designs with Customers



If you are a prospective employer seeking a talented designer, please take a look at my Résumé and Contact me.

"Isabella was an exceptional contract worker for us. She was always punctual and cordial. She picked up our procedures quickly and was very competent in her Photoshop skills. Her attention to detail, good attitude, and diligence made our work easier. We will miss being able to call on her when we need someone to fill her position."
"Isabella Young is a natural talent who also believes in and welcomes hard work. Her designs are clever, inventive, and thoughtful. I especially appreciate her straightforward style and the clean lines and attention to detail apparent in everything she creates. There are other great graphic designers in the marketplace, but what makes Isabella extra special is her complete dedication to every project, from a simple logo to a 30-page brochure. The icing on the cake is that she is a joy to be around. Her warm personality and sense of humor go a long way toward making the production process a positive experience. I congratulate anyone fortunate enough to employ her."
"Isabella Young comes to you with my highest recommendation. We hired Isabella to develop a masthead for our quarterly newsletter and annual report and to counsel us on matching design elements with our key audiences - alumni, faculty, students, communications professionals, donors and state legislators. An exemplary professional, Isabella is a critical thinker, competent communicator and creative designer. I have observed and admired Isabella's ability to access a problem or challenge and carefully weigh the solutions and possibilities. Her communication style reflects empathy and clarity, and her listening skills are superior. As a designer, Isabella infuses imagination, simplicity and humanity - always keeping in mind the client and the audiences. She works very quickly and skillfully. Her leadership style is collaborative, which made her a valuable member of our team at the University. Our faculty were very impressed with her work and had a difficult time choosing one design from the options she presented to us. Isabella Young will make a significant contribution to your organization."
"Isabella has a unique design sensibility that mixes beautifully with her first-rate standards of quality and timeliness. Her excellent business acumen and admirable ethical principles provide those she works with and for, a high level of confidence that her work will be outstanding, on-time, and error-free. I've placed my faith and trust in her many times on difficult and lengthy projects and I was never disappointed in her delivered products."
"Relentless dedication to quality is a phrase that comes to mind when thinking of Isabella. I had the pleasure of collaborating with her on several big marketing projects. I was particularly impressed with her ability to remain calm under the pressure of tight deadlines. Any employer would benefit from Isabella′s graphic design talents and professionalism."
"In addition to a creative vision, excellent attention to detail, a very good sense of organization, and company loyalty are critical to the success of a marketing designer. Isabella Young convincingly possesses these important characteristics, which I believe make her an excellent asset for any company looking to enhance its marketing initiatives."
"Isabella is a talented designer who possesses all of the skills one could want in a graphic artist:
  • Creative
  • An excellent project manager
  • Takes the initiative
  • Able to work with multiple languages
  • Team player
  • Problem solver
  • Perfectionist, yet able to meet deadlines
  • Pays attention to the smallest details
  • Articulate and willing to clarify project and goals when needed
I wholeheartedly recommend Isabella as an accomplished designer who would be a great asset to company or team"
"Isabella is a very skilled as a designer who is always mindful of practicality, offering good advise and never allowing the beauty of her designs from compromising their usefulness or effectiveness. We are very pleased with the website she created for our bustling parish church. Beyond her professional skill, however, is an dedicated and loyal individual who not only cares about doing a good job, but also cares about her clients′ welfare in general. She is very easy to work with and generous with her time and talents. I feel she is honestly concerned about the welfare of our parish."